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We can supply a wide range of penstocks from 100mm up to 3000mm, complete with operating gear. We provide standard and bespoke designs to fit your needs.


Handstops are selected subject to customers requirements and range from 100 to 800 mm. Handstops can be manufactured in square or rectangular format to fit your needs.

Flap Valves

Various types of non-return valves / flap valves ranging from 100 mm to 3000 mm can be supplied subject to the aperture. Various widths and depths are available.


We manufacture various Water Control Barriers, commonly known as Stoplogs. We supply for waterways, canals, sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants.

Operating Equipment

Penstocks can be operated using teekey / square cap, handwheel, gearbox and handwheel. For larger units electrical actuators, hydraulic cylinders or pneumatic cylinders can be used.

Paddle Gates

We manufacture Paddle Gates and operating equipment for British Waterways. Many applications call for Paddles to be operated using a Rack and Pinion mechanism.